Migraine Awareness Month #23: “I Drank the Kool-Aid!”

We all try things out of desperation, even when our common sense is telling us they’re not going to do anything. Share your experience with this. 

I tried one of those juice cleanses that recommended juices that would “help migraines”.  A family friend recommended it because she had success and reduced the frequency of her migraines by sticking to this diet. It wasn’t 24/7 juice only, but the first few days were pure juice, and then you slowly added things back in. Like salads.And it was one of those “you’ll feel worse before you feel better” kinds of things.

Only I never felt better.

And if I had to juice and drink one more beet, I was going to stab myself.

I don’t have a problem eating beets (I actually find them pretty yummy) but juicing them and then mixing them with cucumber and carrot juice (among some other things) pretty much made me want to vomit.

That ended very quickly. I still have the book and every once in awhile I look at it, think about it for about 20 seconds and then think of that beet juice.

I don’t know how I thought that a juice diet/cleanse was going to help when most migraine sufferers know that eating is very important in staving off migraines.

Have you ever done something to “help” your migraines that your common sense told you wasn’t going to work?

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